About us
We’re a group of companies located in several countries all over the world. Since our establishment in 2003 we have been working in CRM industry — from database management in the beginning to consulting, operational and communication support, large variety of technologies and our own IT-team in present. Learn more
Top-management team, strategy and general management, CRM and Atlassian services.
DM Baz d.o.o., 53 Parmova ulica, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
+386 70 524 198
Additional office for Atlassian services
Av. Miguel Bombarda, Edifício №8, Loja 3
8500-299, Portimão, Portugal (map)
+351 96 7701366
Implementation and software services
Electrodnaya street, 10s21, 111524, Moscow (map)
+7 (495) 721-18-66